Shortfundly – A platform where filming dreams become REALITY!

Have you ever been in a quandary where you had an amazing story to showcase but no resources to bring it to life? Fear not! The perfect panacea is none other than the Shortfundly platform, launched by Mr. Selvam (Founder) and Mr. Maha Rajan (Co-founder) in October 2014. With a vision of connecting every filmmaker in the world, Shortfundly brings together a multitude of talented and dedicated short film actors, producers, directors and other crucial crew members.


What gets your passion playing? Is it romance, comedy, drama, horror or action? Shortfundly offers over 17+ categories in languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Assamese, and many more. In addition, users can share, save and watch their favorite short films.

Ayan Rand once said, “The ladder of success is best-climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity”.

Clipping this quote to hearts, the company has directed out a “Shortfundly Festival platform”. It lets a person be on par with the various short film competitions occurring in and around the country. All you have to do is submit your short film, let your talent speak for itself, grab the prize and become world famous.

Furthermore, Shortfundly features an interactive interface where filmmakers can connect with each other, recognize each other’s works, share feedback and provide ratings. This will undoubtedly script out a path for improvement while gaining momentum and fame in the process.


“Action speaks louder than words” and you can act out your way into the lists of the ‘Top Short films’ or the ‘Top Short film Makers’. Funding issues will be a thing of the past as talent will be sufficient to root you to the sky from the bottom. Your dream of meeting celebrities, releasing most awaited teasers might just become real. And if you’re new to filmmaking, don’t fret! You can learn the art from Shortfundly’s film experts and get exposed to the real short film universe.


The visual and sound effects of Shortfundly are not only limited to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other web browsers. You can experience it on your smart phone with the help of the company’s Android and iOS apps as well. Their Facebook and Twitter pages also keep the short film enthusiasts updated.

So, make your call towards building a phenomenal career in short filming industry with the help of Shortfundly!


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