Quick Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Hey, it’s possible through Google’s One Tap Sign In

Google recently revealed new secure, frictionless, easy to implement sign up and sign in experience by revealing “googleyolo” API in Google IO 2k18.

Why Implement Google One Tap?
Here are some of the success stories of the early adopters of one-tap sign-up and automatic sign-in. This motivated us to adopt it and provide seamless and delightful experience to your customers.

Hipmunk [ https://www.hipmunk.com/ ] found that by using one-tap sign-up, registered user sign in went up by 118% and new user sign up increased by 115%.

Check out other stories here at google

What exactly is one tap signup?
With one tap signup, users are prompted to create an account with a dialog that’s inline with your page’s content, so they’re never taken out of context by a signup page. Since there’s minimal friction, users are much more likely to register.

Returning users are signed in automatically, even when they switch devices or platforms, or even after their session expires. The existing users with password-based accounts can also sign-in automatically if they’ve saved their password on Chrome or Smart Lock for Passwords on Android.