Introducing Shortfilm filmmakers meetup events

Believe it or not, a lot of times attending filmmaking or meetup events had come as a handy tool to break that plain wall. There are around thousands of shortfilm filmmaker’s workshop OR events happening across the country, every year and amidst all of the fuss, these valuable events somehow go around our ears. With fresh ideas and ambitious dreams, filmmaking community is the coolest lots in any neighborhood (or country!). They might be small or big in size; close or far away from your home; and can differ from each other in hundreds of other ways. But, what ties these events together, is the fact that they all revolve around ‘shortfilms OR filmmaking’. And more often, there would be numerous events, which each filmmaker can relate to. This is where shortfundly Events has its relevance.

Why filmmaking events?

There are fewer places, if not none, which provides a better platform to find potential producers, upcoming filmmakers, young next gen shortfilm filmmakers and artist, cast & crew at a single place. In India, a lot of filmmakers have met their producers from filmmaking events and quite a number of them have taken their relationships to the next level.


A filmmaking event gives you and your filmmaking team, the exposure you wanted so badly. Spending a little time under the spotlight won’t hurt you either.


If you believe that, knowing the right people is crucial for any shortfilm filmmaking project, you mustn’t be missing out on events. Filmmaking events are the ultimate place, to find all your prospective producers.

Investment Opportunity

Winning the initial funding! It’s a load off our mind, right? Well, filmmaking events are usually filled with producers, and events can be the place, where you find your ‘match made in heaven’.


One objective, of any filmmaking event is to add value to you as shortfilms filmmaker. This always happens in events, regardless of whether the organizers wanted it or not. Thus, if you want to nourish your brain, events are not a bad place to be.

Big gap & shortfundly.

All these benefits being listed, we somehow noticed that there is this huge gap between the event organizers and attendees. Unfortunately, organizers are finding it hard to get the right audience for their events and audience on the other hand, have no idea, where to find the right events.

This is where we believe, we can help. We at shortfundly, the one spot destination for the shortfilm film-making ecosystem across the country, has come up with these awesome features where we provide a common space for all the film-making events across the country. To keep it simple, organizers can find the right audience and filmmakers can find the right events, very easily. A match made in heaven right?

Let’s have a look at some of the features of Events at shortfundly.

  • Strictly film-making.

All events are related to filmmaking. It’s simple and easy to discover filmmaking events with us.

  • Get discovered

In filmmaking, your events are not searched, but discovered by the right users. Getting right users come in, will make any event relevant.

  • Convenient

Shortfundly is not an exclusive events platform, but a comprehensive virtual ecosystem for events. You will find everything related to shortfilm filmmaking and their ecosystem in here.

  • User participation

One awesome characteristic of the shortfundly website is the fact that we don’t actually run it, but the users do. Now, if you are an organizer and you want to add an event, on our website, you can do it without bothering us (Not that, we don’t care!). As a user, you can up vote events that you think deserve to be up voted.

Now that, our events are going live, we proudly invite you to check out our efforts and be a part of the coolest shortfilm filmmaker’s community in the neighborhood. Click here and check out the film-making Events

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