Top 5 Award Winning Hindi Short films

Top 5 Award Winning Hindi Short films

After JIO INDIA launch, With the growing influence of the video streaming, short films are increasingly attracting more viewers. We have explored and bring to you a list of award winning short films that you must not miss this season. Fhotu Storyline: Love isn’t always easy. It isn’t a fairytale or a storybook. And it […]


Edhu Thevaiyo Adhuve Dharmam – Tamil short film review & rating 4.3/5

Storyline: In the present India privatization is taking its toll gradually on all government-run organizations. It’s not only the fault of our government as it all started when citizens started convincing themselves that private organizations like schools, but rations are also better than government organizations. Edhu thevaiyo adhuve dharmam too revolves around Kumar who’s attempts […]

Top 10 short films

10 Best Short Films You Must Binge-Watch during this Quarantine.

Bored of watching series? If you are not a series person, jump in here and grab the list to binge-watch. These are all-time favorite short films that are prevailing in YouTube for you to watch. Short films are nowadays increasing in society. People are more comfortable watching short films than spending hours on feature films. […]