AND…?- an animation short film review

Before reviewing any short film, we need to keep some aspects in mind about it like meaningfulness, story planning and its efficiency of delivering the message in a limited amount of time, effort applied and many other smaller aspects which contribute to a successful and a meaningful short film, which not only makes us wonder, it may also put us in hysterics about what may have just happened, along with a plot twist or many other aspects involved.

AND…? is an animated short film by Vysakh M, which is a 1minute and 22 seconds long only! It starts with 2 friends talking to each other, about a story, the story involves around a businessman who was passionate about his dreams and ventures which started to fail because of something wrong around the businessman, it may be his fault or the friends around him? To break the ice, you will need to watch the short film right away!

The main aspect of the short film: meaningfulness. This short film focuses on the concept of faith/trust amongst each other, the concept of revenge, and death very properly. This is an 82-second short film which has almost satisfactorily tried to make us reach the point where we understand the plot. 

As far as efficiency of delivering the message was concerned, there was an ease in understanding the short film, and the script and the story in 82 seconds were very clear, which is not an easy task in making short films, was covered in just 82 seconds!

The next important aspect is efforts applied: this animated short film was made using Plotagon Story mobile application, which is good for the short film making enthusiasts. This was a very basic form animated short film, an initial level of short film making, the method of making such short films needs more improvement in the mere future which is possible, but the plot provided and the story and message delivered in this short film is an excellent work indeed! 

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If the creator creates more such short films in the future with a little more effort and advanced methods with this type of effort in the story applied in this short film, we can see the results with flying colors!

So overall rating is 3.5/5 stars

Good aspects:

1 star for the story

1 star for effort

1 star for the plot twist

And 0.5 star for animation

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Chances of future improvements:

-1 star for the basic level of animation

-0.5 stars for the length of the short film or there could have been a little more additions which could have made this short film giving the viewers the feeling of “can’t get enough of it”, which is one of the main purposes of a short film.

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