10 Best Short Films You Must Binge-Watch during this Quarantine.

Bored of watching series? If you are not a series person, jump in here and grab the list to binge-watch. These are all-time favorite short films that are prevailing in YouTube for you to watch. Short films are nowadays increasing in society. People are more comfortable watching short films than spending hours on feature films. Moreover, many short films are the foundation of feature films.

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In fact, I was tired while building the list, as you know there are tons of short films available on YouTube and various other streaming sites. I managed to pile up a list covering all regions and almost a balanced list of different genres.

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Let’s move on to the list. (In no particular order)


Maa, a short film presented by Gautham Vasudev Menon’s Ondraga Entertainment. The story revolves around the teenage pregnant girl and her mom who is helping her out. The story is directed by Sarjun KM, who has cleared the doomed feelings of working women and her pregnant daughter.

The major play of Kani Kasturi (the mother of the teenage girl), has almost pulled up the performance and also makes us empathize with the dire situation around her. The way a friendly mother handles the situation with respect to her strict husband and manipulating society was intense.


Lakshmi is all about a poor young married woman trying to break free from her monotonous life. This is again a Sarjun KM’s short film, featuring Lakshmipriya Chandramouli and Nandan. This story has received both praise and criticism. Lakshmi, the lead role in the movie doesn’t seem to have a colorful life that is almost transparent through the screen. The hues began to color her life when she meets a man, with the thoughts of her dream. The ending of Lakshmi is even more carving, the brilliant music, and breathtaking poems are out of the world.


Devi, a 13-minute short film by Priyanka Banerjee, and featured by many good known faces of the industry like Kajol, Neena Kulkarni, Neha Dhupia, Shruti Haasan, Shivani Raghuvanshi etc. The storyline is even stronger covering the levels of crime against women in society. The subtle story and all those vulnerable characters have paved a way to raise a question against women’s safety in India. On the whole, Devi is a must watch a short film.


This is a short film by Jyoti Kapur Das co-written by Avneesh Mishra and Tisca Chopra. The story is sweet as well as spicy, by making justice to its title. The film moves us to the living of middle India where one could sense a town-ness within a big city covering the backbiting women and life with infamy.

I think that short films often contain an originality, creative freedom, energy and an invention that is inspiring and entertaining. I think they are, as Shakespeare put it, a good deed in a naughty world.

– Kenneth Branagh


Alone is a post-apocalyptic short film by Brock Torunski. The story is all about a man who is left alone on the earth when all the human race has perished. The film tells how this man survives and what he does in the day to day life killing time and surviving.

Alternative Math

Alternative math, a hilarious fantastic film with a pondering thought on how society pressurizes teachers. The story revolves around an elementary teacher who is challenged by the parents, principle and the mayor. The challenge was when she tells the student that ‘2+2=4’. The film directed by David Maddox and Malcom Morrison, who have coordinated beautifully for this wonderful outcome.


This short film deals with the emotion of camaraderie. The story deals with the friendship between the two main leads of the film, Ann Saleem and Aaron Julius Punnen. Riding from the success of Nayika-Nayan, Ann Saleem was overwhelmed by the quality of the content delivered by the movie. The technical team boasts of State Award-winning editor Appu N. Bhattathiri, Tobin Thomas, who made the short film visually engaging, and Mujeeb Majeed, who scored the soulful music.


Directed by Seban Joesph the film gained popularity in no time. The plot of the film is about a young man who is unmarried due to his horoscopic issues and is trying to attract the audience with interesting storylines and frames.


“Yeppudaina yevarinaina preminchara”? (Have you fallen in love with anyone?)

You spend months heartbroken over someone thinking you’ll never move on or love anyone as much as you loved them… but one day, you’ll meet someone when you least expect it, and they’ll make you question if you ever even loved that person. And it’s the best feeling in the world. The right people help you breathe lighter, deeper and easier!?

The film is directed by NT RAVI KUMAR and produced by POPURI SETHU PAVAN. This is wonderful is penned by ASHRAF ASIF.

Kaadhal Ondru Kanden

This Tamil short film released in January 2020 became viral as soon as it went online. The trailer received a huge response on youtube, making the film even bigger. When director Shankar’s Assistant is on board as a director, one would expect him to deliver big. This is a romance drama story written and directed by Punith. Produced by Jeya Murugan, Nikhil & Ranjith Rajeswaran the film works well with all audience groups. With talented actors in the groove, the film is a must-watch.

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