5 Non-English web series you should binge watch this weekend

Tell Me What You Saw (Korean)

Genre: Thriller, Crime

Released: 2020 

An investigative crime drama, about a girl with a ability to remember everything she sees (even within fractions of a second), who becomes a police officer to find and arrest the man who killed her mother in a car accident, a detective, whose sole aim is to arrest the serial killer who killed his fiancé in a pursuit, and how they joined together to acheive both of their aims. As the story progresses, it unveils the twisted roots of corruption within the system and how our weaknesses are as deadly as our strengths. With a single season consisting of 16 episodes, this is a must watch for everyone, especially the ones with a knack of mystery.

Dark (German)

Genre: Science Fiction

Released: 2017

“Everything is connected”, we have been told over and over, across the three seasons of Dark. A German science- fiction, beginning with the mysterious death of a high school teenager. Over the three seasons, one will come across many interesting twists and turns laud out at the perfect timing. Keeping in mind the hype this show has created in social media over the past few months, it definitely deserves the attention.

Kota Factory (Hindi)

Genre: Slice of Life

Released:  2019

Despite being India’s first Black & White show, it carefully injects a blandness that demands it’s characters to stay bright and colourful. With its brilliant sketches, Kota Factory stands out for its capacity to create characters within the minutiae of every frame. Over the five episodes of the TVF series,  it offers refreshing evidence that life stands upright just as mightily between the margins of accommodation as well.

Money Heist (Spanish)

Genre:  Crime

Released: 2017

This show was almost regarded as a flop until Netflix bought it in 2017, and then it blew up overnight. The props mostly used in the show, the Dali mask and the red jumpsuit, eventually became the face of ‘Resistance’- Resistance against capitalism. The show begins with a group of robbers who take the near impossible task of robbing the Bank of spain, the mastermind being ‘The Professor’.What makes this interesting is its surprising plot twists and the action. But the one thing that makes this show stands out ia the depth of the characters. And then there is this beautiful song “Bella Ciao”, which is like the soul of the series, holds everything together beautifully. This is a show that will keep you glued to your couches, because anything can happen at any moment.

The Rain (Denmark)

Genre: Post-apocalyptic

Released: 2018

When it comes to post-apocalyptic shows, not a single one has ever disappointed the audience. As the name depicts, instead of zombies,  there is something more deadly; unpredictable weather patterns. The story centers on a virus that is spread by rainfall and kills as soon as it comes in contact with human skin. With it’s brilliant soundscape, this show sets itself apart from other series in the genre with its playful energy and an engaging search for a truth behind apocalypses.