Best 5 Tamil YouTube Channel you must follow.

As the whole of social media is comprised in between YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, lets hop on to them accordingly. There are many people creating best contents based on science and entertainment. In that order I would like to pick the topmost popular YouTube Channels.


  1. Jump Cuts

  2. Nakkalites

  3. LMES – Lets make education simple

  4. Parithabangal

  5. Black Sheep

Jump Cuts

We all have heard about mono acting but this person has evolved differently with a unique set of ideas. A jump cut is a cut in film editing in which a single continuous sequential shot of a subject is broken into two parts, with a piece of footage being removed in order to render the effect of jumping forwards in time. This is what Jump Cuts entertainment is all about. The journey of various people mono acted by a single person Hari Baskar, is very interesting to watch. Being a social activist, he also emphasizes various social topics creating awareness among the current youth generations.

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A Coimbatore based YouTube channel, they are looked up mainly for their Coimbatore slang and their video quality. They have entertained us with various path breaking web series like Back to school and Ammuchi. Various vedios based on various alaiparaigal theme was mostly welcomed among the audience.


Science have been taught as a highly theoretical based subject to students. But here LMES has come up with a wide range of methods to make education feasible to everyone. Not only kids even parents are eagerly waiting for their new outcomes. Mainly their career guidance programme has been an eye opening scenario for most of the students. Especially this CHITTI app for kids are driving kids towards education. The content are also available in Tamil making things more clear to students.

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Comedy and fun filled channel for all age groups. They are mainly based on spoofing on all categories. They include politics, media and also trending scenarios. All the characters that are spoofed are well depicted by the team with natural performance and does not include any sort of edits.

Black Sheep

Blacksheep is an infotainment channel targeting audience in all categories. Kalyana samayal satham and Aaha Kalyanam were its best reach among the audience. The channel was started by RJ Vignesh, who started his career as a radio jocey   then latter started a YouTube channel smile settai. The updated version of smile mixture turned up as Black sheep.

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