5 years of Premam.

Premam, starring Nivin Pauly, Anupama Parameswaran, Sai Pallavi, and Madonna Sebastian in the lead, narrates three phases of George’s (Nivin Pauly) life. Although we had experienced a relevant storyline in Autograph this seemed a little different from all the clichéd film patterns. With especially the music behind each and every romantic scenes, and also the fight scenes in particular, the BGM was emphasizing the characters.

It’s been almost five years and still the replacement for this movie is not found. Even the Telugu remake was not actually sought among the audience. Obviously, a replacement for Malar is impossible anyway. Although there were three heroines in the list of Premam, Malar was reached the most. Even though she had no way to hook up with the lead character, the pain behind her scarifices and her love for George would have been the reason.

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The combination of the trio- George, Shambu and Koya are extra ordinary. Their attitude and gestures are addiction to the current youth generation. Especially their cigarettes hanging loosely off the corner of the trio’s lips to the mundu, tucked around their waists carelessly everything dives the youth crazier. The trio was a great strength to George as well as to the movie. They were with him in all phases of his life and were a major backbone too George during his break down moments.

And moreover who can miss the breakthrough of Malar as a homely responsible lecturer to a blast performance for Rockankuthu song. Still that has been a great treat to all Sai Pallavi’s  fans.

And most predominantly the introduction of Malar, with no actual heroin scenes but as a very simple lecturer introducing herself very humbly to those ragging her. This scene has been the favorite to almost all those Premam fans out there.

Everything in the movie was an inspiration to the youth out there, starting from the father of a wayward student, the adorable teacher, irritating crush’s father, three true lifesaving friends, an irrelevant lecturer trying to impress his co-lecturer, delicious food in each and every scene that are mouthwatering etc. have driven us to a different world of excitement.

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And now we are eagerly expecting another outcome from the director of Premam, Alphonse Puthren.

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