Life-Saving DIY Hacks To Try Right Now

Life-saving DIY hacks to try right now.

For the past few years, the craze for DIY is booming. The numbers are crazy right! There are several simple and easy, life-saving DIY hacks. Since the lockdown has started, there is nothing interesting left to do. I mean people say make your time productive, do this and that but I know even the nerdiest person would be bored until now. Common, how can one just rely on binge-watching and sleeping. I mean it has been a long time since lockdown started. Hence, it is time to try something new. So, why don’t we build something interesting yet productive, using DIY hacks!!! I know you’re getting excited. As the word says itself Do It Yourself, let’s do it. Explore some simple life-saving DIY hacks.

DIY Masks

WHO has made it mandatory to wear masks as a precautionary measure for COVID-19. If you want to make your own stylish yet cute mask, do it this way.

Take a piece of cloth as per your choice. Take two elastic bands and a stapler. Lay down the cloth in a horizontal fashion and place the bands at both ends. Fold the ends slightly in such a way that the band has some segments inside the section.  Secure the ends using a stapler and you are good to go. Nice right.

Clothes Assembler

If you are not good at folding clothes, this hack is for you.

Take a small carton box, unpack it. Lay it on a table or wherever you want, and place your tee on it. Just take the edges one-by-one and make a small flapping movement; starting from the middle edges, followed by the bottom, and the top and, your tee is folded. Awesome!!!

Electric Sharpener

Want to slay all your school friends? Well, I’ve got an idea. Take a sharpener, rotor, 5V battery, switch, and some colourful wires.

Take all the materials and stick them to one another using double-sided tapes. Connect those using wires. Lemme show you the magic. Switch on the button, the sharpener rotates. No need to rotate your sharpener manually now, it’s electrified.

DIY Shimmery Lipstick

For all the ladies and all the boys who want to make their ladies feel extra special. I present before you, the one and only, Shimmery Glossy Lip shades.

Take a crayon of your choice. Break it into pieces and add some coconut oil to it. Heat the mixture and keep on swirling. When it’s done, add some shimmer to it. Pour the mixture in a clean lipstick case and freeze it. It’s ready. Look at it, I love it.

Instant Ice

You have a party but no ice. Freaking out, right? Let’s make an instant one.

Take a bottle of water. Leave it for a moment. After some time, it’ll come to the room temperature (25 degrees Celsius). Now keep the bottle in the refrigerator for 1 hour. After 1 hour, take the bottle out with no movement or as little as possible. Hit the bottle hard. You’ll see a freezing effect. Now, take a cube of ice and slowly like a narrow stream, pour the water over the ice. Amused? It’s becoming ice. Cool right.

That’s it. I have many more hacks like these in my bag which will be life-saving and useful too. If you liked this, keep on following Shortfundly. I’ll be posting more.