Introduction Today’s topic is mental health is important. I was not aware what was wrong with me, what it is that a bright and talented girl doesn’t feel confident anymore. What it is that an extrovert now can’t communicate with her dear ones. Why do I get muscle tension, can’t perform good on a test […]


Depression- a term we hear everywhere. Nearly everyone- among the people we know, and the ones we might not know have this crippling disease, that affect their mental as well as their physical health drastically, especially among the youth. What exactly causes depression? Google will show you various reasons like stress, but what mostly causes […]

5 Ways to keep our self-Fit This Lockdown

We may be currently stuck at home due to the 21-day lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic but it is very important to have a fitness regime in place. Our immune system works effectively when it flushes out bacteria from our lungs and airways, increases white blood cell counts, and raises our body temperature.  Eating healthy  […]