Five inspiring movies of all time

Five Inspiring Animated Movies of All Time

Today, the topic is Five Animated Movies of All Time. Back in the old golden days, Disney has rewarded us with a huge collection of stereotype movies, of a princess waiting for a prince, who will come to rescue her from the stepmother or whatever. Whether we take a look at Cinderella or Snow White, […]

Watch Disney Pixar bao short films

Watch award-winning Disney Pixar – Bao short film

Pixar’s latest short film, Bao, has two meanings in Chinese: “steamed bun” or “precious treasure.” In the short, it could easily mean both. It was released in 2018. Watch it now 🙂 I hope you love this Disney Pixar short film. Now, it’s time to share this page with your friends and family. Help them to discover more animated award-winning short films. […]