Top 10 Agriculture initiatives in India

India ranks second worldwide in farm outputs. As per 2018, agriculture employed more than 50℅ of the Indian workforce. With agriculture remaining a mainstay for India’s rural population it is safe to say that more than 50 percent of the Indian population is into agriculture for their livelihood. India is an agrarian society with over thousands of years of farming experience in one of the most fertile regions of the world. Ninety million households are directly engaged with agriculture. In Spite of being agriculture as the main occupation for people of India, the Indian agricultural sector is facing a variety of problems like outdated equipment, lack of good quality fertilizers, lack of mechanism, inadequate storage facilities, and proper infrastructure and supply chain management are the more pressing concerns.

There are 535 AgriTech startups in India marked up to 2020 Here is a list of the 10 most exciting ones.

  1. Ninjacart: Ninjacart is India’s largest Fresh Produce Supply Chain Company. It was founded in 2015 and is located in Bangalore. They are pioneers in solving one of the toughest supply chain problems of the world . They source fresh produce from farmers and deliver them to businesses within 12 hours.It’s an app designed for farmers to deal with retailers.Initially started out with a barely grocery marketplace swiveled to B2B marketplace for sourcing fresh fruits and vegetables, staples and FMCG goods directly from farmers and brands after 6 months of launch. Retailers can place their order from the app or web.Traditionally farmers experience price risk , late payments and retailers have quality issues , higher cost , unhygienic supply , high price volatility along with everyday hustle of going to the market . Ninja cart eliminates these intermediaries by taking control of the supply chain and by building reliable, cost effective , high speed logistics and infrastructure supply chains.
  2. Agri Cx Club : Agri Cx Club is the world’s first AI enabled SaaS stack for entities in the business of producing, trading,storing, transporting, processing or financing of agri produce/commodities.This agri-tech startup from Maharashtra helps specialists across the country procure their requirements in the most efficient way through the use of technology. Agri Cx mission is to weed out inefficiencies in agriculture. Agri Cx provides a quick, accurate, portable, image based quality assessment tool that takes the subjectivity out of quality assessment and makes every transaction smoother. Agricx currently offers a solution to warehouses and enterprise clients with a plan to expand across the food production supply chain.This agritech startup from Maharashtra helps specialists across the country procure their requirements in the most efficient way through the use of technology.
  3. FASAL : FASAL, is an agri-tech platform, developed by Wolkus Technology Solutions. Fasal is basically using the Internet Of Things platform to monitor your farms and keeps a constant record on temperature , humidity , pressure and weather conditions , soil parameters , leaf wetness etc and alerts on your mobile phone. It also lets you know if there’s any kind of disease to the crop or pest infection. Fasal first monitors critical parameters 24 x 7 x 365 from your farm and uploads it to Fasal cloud platform.The data is then analysed and presented, making your crop’s health accessible to you anytime, anywhere on any device for data-driven decision making.Farm level data is then used by our prediction engine to predict the ideal growth conditions, resource requirements, and other preventive measures.
  4. Crofarm : Crofarm, founded in 2016, buys fresh fruits and vegetables directly from farmers and supplies them to online and offline retailers.It basically starts its end to end supply chain with a procurement engine. In-house system of the crofarm has traceability to keep track of the source of the produce and its quality. Farmers also have complete transparency of their POs and payments.Then it has a distribution process engine where AI based demand prediction basis historical data, procurement is done accordingly and system keeps track of inventory by shelf life, alerts in case of any aging inventory. Then comes the transport application which uses Optimal routing to optimize the delivery time and real-time tracking of delivery vehicles. Lastly , there is an Reseller app which is AI powered CRM enabling for better communication with consumers and a retailer app which helps placing order and tracking delivery. According to the website, it has over 10,000 farmers in its network and has partnered with Reliance Retail, Grofers, Big Basket, Jubilant Food works, Big Bazaar and Metro Foods.
  5. BOHECO : It was founded in 2013 having its headquarters in Mumbai. to research and promote industrial hemp, the super crop of our era in India. BOHECO with their operations ranging from research, cultivation, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, trading, wholesaling, retailing, innovating and promoting Indian industrial hemp both across the nation and around the world. They use public-private partnership, contractual farming and processing, subsidiaries and collaborative research models, all with an aim to build an industrial hemp ecosystem. Bombay Hemp Company is carrying out R&D, product development, and market creation for cannabis products.The startup is helping local farmers cultivate their fields by providing optimum seeds, feedback on cultivation techniques, and using new agro-products.
  6. Stellapps : Stellapps was founded in 2011 and has its headquarters in bengaluru . It’s a one stop supply chain for dairy using IoT .It can be done by Cattle monitoring ,milk procurement and cold chain management. Cattle monitoring is basically done by moo On application by using AI. Milk procurement is done using smartAMCU application and Smart Cc application.Lastly cold chain management is achieved using Con Trak device. Stella smart applications have in numerous benefits such as Easy access on mobiles and tablets,Easy integration with existing, ERP High flexibility and simplicity, Affordable Cost Effective Solution for dairies, Role tailored UI ,Easy configuration, setup and transition from legacy system.It also provides automated direct farmer payments with moo-pay.
  7. CropIn : CropIn was founded in the 2010 having headquarters in Bengaluru. It delivers future related farming solutions to the entire agriculture sector.They deliver tools that bring consistency, dependability and sustainability to agri-businesses.they digitizing every farm, while data-managing the entire ecosystem with smart agri solutions .They help to map out sowing, weather patterns, pests, etc, to companies as well as farmers who have smartphones and internet connectivity. Cropin is also working with the Karnataka government to digitize farmer producer organisations and with the Bihar and Madhya Pradesh governments on the climate resiliency programme to help farmers fight climate change.From crop planting to harvesting, Smart Farm monitors the field and weather and, based on that, sends an action plan to the farmer.
  8. EM3 : EM3 was launched on July 2014 in Noida . EM3 is breaking stereotypes for increasing agricultural productivity by bringing tech & mechanization for the farming community. Samadhan – FaaS (Farming as a Service) creates a platform that enables technology to reach the farmer and the farm in an efficient and affordable manner through a network of farm centers (Samadhan Kendra’s).They offer farm services and machinery on rent to farmers.The startup provides pay-per-use farm services for every step of the cultivation process, including land development,, seeding, sowing,transplanting, planting, crop care, harvesting,crop management and post-harvest field management. EM3 has partnered with the Rajasthan government to offer smallholder farmers access to capital equipment, such as tractors, harvesters, and advanced farm implements.
  9. Gold farm : Gold farm was established in 2016 having 100 + employees. It’s World’s First Crop Agnostic Platform For Agri Equipment Scheduling And Monitoring.The company offers a mobile app based tractor booking platform for farmers in India. They also provide solar water pumps for farmers working in power deficit regions in India.Gold Farm has created an ‘Uber for farm equipment’ platform to help agri equipment fleet owners realize better ROI on their farm equipment using SAAS + IOT platform developed to manage the entire process from taking up job requests, scheduling of job request to monitoring of jobs on the field.This is done with the help of mobile apps and web dashboards.Gold Farm has offices in Bangalore, Kolar, Hubli, Coimbatore and Trichy. The company’s mission is to facilitate the doubling of farm income for a million farmers in India by 2022.
  10. Airwood : Arwood was incorporated in 2014 by Vivek Rajkumar, an IIT Madras alumnus, who found a way to integrate his fascination with trees and farming with his curiosity for sciences. Airwood is a full-stack Agri production management and data sciences company. Aibono’s Real-time Precision Agriculture Solutions stabilize and increases yields by 2x by monitoring over 50 farm variables, and the Predictive Supply Engine controls the Planting-Material and Just-in-time harvests to precisely match supply and demand, thereby doubling price realization and income for the farmer. It solves the Agri related problems with next-generation Agri-data science and artificial intelligence.

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