Top 5 Noticeable Web Series for Entrepreneurs.


  1. Tvf Pitchers

  2. The Profit

  3. How I Made My Millions

  4. Silicon Valley

  5. Startup

Tvf Pitchers

The series centers around four young men working typical corporate desk jobs the usual nine to five hours, on thirty lunch breaks followed by a cigarette only to return to their tiny cubicles to work on the same application or report back for the next five hours. The show captured considerable attention straight from its pilot episode when Naveen, the central character, gets extremely drunk and calls up his boss in the middle of the night and quits his job. He wakes up the next morning, freaking out. But, luck is on his side because an idea that he has been brewing for the past couple of months, with his two closest friends, falls through.

The Profit

It centers around a real-life businessman, Marcus Lemonis, who was one of the world’s greatest names in the industry. The series shows us how the businessman invested in struggling firms and turned them into highly profitable endeavors, having taken a percentage of both business and profit in exchange. To all entrepreneurs, the series is a huge inspiration and lesson.

How I Made My Millions

The series revolves mainly around certain businesses that have crossed the $1 million mark. How I made my million shows the traditional ‘American Dream’ and aims to prove that you can make it happen if you have the vision, the money, and the willpower. So go ahead and watch the series to get some inspiration to start up your own business and make it extraordinary.

Silicon Valley

The series is all about six young men who, despite all the intense competition in corporate world Mecca, collaborated a start-up company. Challenged with all the failures and issues, they just go on pursuing their vision. Douglas Crockford called Silicon Valley “the best show ever made on programming” in conference talks. The show has also been awarded many awards for its performance and great response from the audience.


The show focuses on a Brooklyn businessman, a Haitian gang lord, and a Cuban hacker who put together their heads to raise a possible multibillion-dollar company on ‘digital currencies’ that would revolutionize the money’s own future. Looks awesome! Is it not? For those people who have a dream of running their own business, the series is a must-watch.

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