Why Make Short?

Every viewer and maker of a short film must be having an uncertainty racing in his/her mind -’ why make short films?’

Well the answer is clear and straightforward.

#1 Budget


A larger film requires tremendous money, substantial casting, prodigious substances and location. An idea or concept has to be presented and flaunted in a lavish manner. Thus, it requires huge capital. The same conception can be projected through a short film on a small budget. A short requires a sprinkling of characters, accessible locations and a couple of paraphernalia. Few words, expressions and actions can entrancingly express a thousand thoughts, sentiments and passions. Therefore, if anyone wants to start as a film maker, starting with short films is the finest choice one can make. A person can play safe with a small budget rather than experiencing loss at an initial stage.

#2 Absolute Control


The director is usually the boss of the team. Short films are individualistic and unrestrained.  The designers of the film don’t have to work under pressure or follow deadlines. They can leisurely make a short. Short film makers have the freedom to decide when where and how to shoot a film. Makers can shoot a film at their own luxury. They can smoothly let thoughts flow and fabricate a phenomenal short.

#3 Fast-Paced


The duration of a short film generally ranges from 5-10 minutes. In this digital- era people scarcely have time. People can watch short films whenever they have little time, maybe while surfing the web at night or at a lunch break during work or even in the bus. Short films easily fit into the busy schedules of the people. High speed and vast spread network have made shorts get-at-able. Dexterous directors can nimbly get noticed and distinguished.

The charm of the short film is being able to exhibit an amusing story in a short amount of time. People love shorts because they are fast-paced, straight to the point and brief. The crisp and concise nature of the short film makes it worth a watch!

Thus, these are the benefits of making short films!

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