Top 5 awesome gifts for the geek guys & girls in your life

We are living in the golden age of being a geek (Underline the word “geek” herein, as always, used in the most loving way possible. We, at shortfundly, are geeks.)

Design, Technology is rooted deep into the core of our everyday lives. However, buying us geeks a gift can be… challenging, to say the least. We know what we like — and, in all of my experiences, we are mostly a pretty picky bunch.

And yet! After many conversations amongst our shortfundly team, colleagues, and friends, we came up with a handful of gifts that we would encourage everyone should try in their life time

Here’s the Top 5 awesome gifts for the geek guys & girls in your life

1. Amazon Fire Stick

Most of the time, when we shift to new apartment had to make the hard decision whether or not to buy a cable subscription.

Amazon’s Fire Stick, let’s you watch Netflix, HBO, ESPN and even CNN on your TV with just an internet plan. And it’s only $40.

There are other alternatives like Apple TV and Roku, but the Fire Stick is probably the best bang for your buck. A lot of our staff also really likes the Chromecast, but the Fire Stick has its own remote (which is nice if your phone is dead or stuck in the couch or something)

2. UBER Coupon

Are you UBER fan? – It’s a perfect gift that will 200% get used, and will keep them safe by making sure they have a ride when they need it.

The gift card is easy to buy in almost any denomination either online or in stores.

3. Google’s very own Daydream View

Our favorite Sundar pitchai fans – Google’s sleek design and lean price tag of $80 make Google’s Daydream VR headset a fantastic gift for a gal pal. She can travel through space, read the news or go on a meditative / inspiring journey. Just plop google smartphone (most preferable) OR Any smartphone in the viewer and use the provided controller to turn the headset on.

4. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot is the tinier, cuter Alexa hardware companion, but for $50 it does the exact same thing as the rest of the family. Put one in every room and ask Alexa for the weather, listen to NPR or order more socks online. Notable item, This dot comes in black or white. Shortfundly team all time favourite

5. Google Pixel

Again Sundar pitchai last in this list, but first in our heart. Brand new design of google – We love google pixel. We love this product amazing design. It’s amazing and great gift for fans of Android phones, the Google Pixel the most advanced smartphones running the Android OS today. One of the best cameras in the business, top-notch display, and excellent battery life. The Pixel will receive their Android updates directly from Google, ensuring that its owners are always on the cutting edge of the mobile platform.

What else we need? Price… We request sunder pitchai to consider all users in price point.

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