The Life of An shorfilm maker !

1. You will think about your shortfilm 24/7. Yes you will think about it even when you sleep. Being an filmmaker is a 24/7 -365 days job ! There will be no holiday ! even on vacations you will be trying to find solutions to your company’s problems !

2. It is the most rewarding job in the world. Being an filmmaker, creating value and making a difference in the life of people is the most rewarding and satisfying feeling in the world.

3. Determination was for yesterday, each day as an filmmaker you will have to be beyond determined to make your shortfilm work.

4. You will be working long hours. You will be doing everything from script writing to film making to film posters to marketing to post production and more !

5. You will be working on something that you really like and really care about. If you are seeking job satisfaction, film making or editing every scene is for you.

6. Your work hours and workplace will be flexible. No more the need to sit in one confined cubicle for the whole day.

7. Recruitment and building a good team is an ongoing job of an filmmaker. filmmakers are actually glorified recruiters (in IT terms).

8. You will go through days of extreme insecurities when you do not know if your idea is going to work or is going to be worth anything in the market.

9. Your film is going to take sometime to pick up traction. Learn to live with the fact.

10. It is a lonely journey. Only you will understand the struggle you are going through. Get a assistant director. The journey will be a little less stressful with a assistant director.

11. you might not make money immediately. In the long run, you will make much more than what you would have made with your regular job income.

12. You are going to wake up each day to be extremely excited to work on your shortfilm !

13. Journey of being an filmmaker is the best experience you will every get in your life.

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