Short film making tips

So here are 3 tips for you to remember, every time you create a new shortfilm video :

  1. Make it entertaining.
    • If you can get your audience to smile, reflect, laugh and get educated; you are one step closer to them Liking you!
  2. Make it a high quality production.
    • If you want see the first interaction of your shortfilm audience, Make your shortfilms in HD quality or if it’s an CG or animated shortfilm, make it carefully and give extra care to CG quality. Ask yourself this question, what makes audience will feel trust and happy in your shortfilm?
  3. Make It a Part of Their Experience – Don’t Interrupt Them.
    • However, if you create a shortfilm teaser ad that contains with it a cinematic experience, then when your audience gets hit with your shortfilm teaser ad, they will get excited and continue to watch it. If you can keep it engaging and cinematic till the end, they will most likely think your shortfilms are awesome, and click on the shortfilm video teaser ad to find out more about your shortfilm.
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