This article is not to insult male, but to not insult female. Before I begin my article, I`d like to mention some statistical data on female victims in some encounters. Totally 96,000+ cases have been registered in 2015.

    By the definition, Feminism is about equality given to women in various aspects like education, wages, employment and from the basic to ultimate things that the women deserve.

Before some decades, women are considered as birth giving machines. Since that stage, they have grown consistently till now and still reaching great altitudes with their attitude. Education plays a vital role in the female development, but still 160 million girls are out of school.

Men`s aggression on women has been increasing throughout the year. The well-known cases like the encounter on Nirbhaya (Delhi incident) and Rasila Raju (IT worker, Pune) witness this. In world, one woman is dying due to the same kind of incidents in every 5 minutes.

Writing about wages reminds me the last few pages of the story ONE INDIAN GIRL, which beautifully states “Women are like birds. Men want that birds to fly, but not above them”. So women should receive equal salary and no discrimination in that case should be entertained. Women must be given equal rights in every cultural phase.

An incident that shows the underdevelopment of feminism is:

    “A few years back, Hillary Clinton gave a massive speech about feminism in which only 30% of men attended”. So there are still men who are unwilling to give equal rights to women.

I heard an incident about a boy who refused to go to school his parents tried many things but he refused to go to school then his parents took him to a counselling session somehow he told the reason one told a teacher asked him a question. he never told the answer some then the teacher scolded him. He started crying the teacher just said don’t cry like a girl. His friends started to tease him by calling him has a girl, so he refused to go to school but the same friends has teased him  has dog , pig  or something else but calling him a girl is bigger sin for him think of that

We can say that Feminism is totally obtained when a woman can walk in the street lonely without any fear in late night. Feminism is not about the leading of women prior to men but about the attainment of each and every right that women deserve in all walks of life.

Thanks to Feminists such as Malala, Emma Watson who are struggling for the women`s rights. This article is inspired from the speech by ARANY JOHAR