Attribute of a Good Scriptwriter!

Patience-the backbone of a script writer!


“He that can have patience can have what he will”

-Benjamin Franklin

Scriptwriters have to develop scripts based on their own creative ideas and innovative outlook. It is a scriptwriter who pioneers a project or a film through his ingenious thinking. They are responsible for elucidating the story in detail, giving characteristic to the characters and setting the physical environment. Scriptwriters have to be in possession of the art of storytelling. Thus scriptwriters require cosmic patience. Napolean Hill rightly said “Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination of success.” Immense patience is required to mold a story according to the mental perception. Penning down the contemplation of mind is a process that requires fine patience. Hastening with the storyline may distort the effect of the story.


It is the passion for writing that drives most of the scriptwriters. Thus this passion should be channeled in the spot on direction with the help of patience. Creativity, vision along with patience will bring all the aspects of a story together. Sometimes scriptwriters may not hit the right string or may not be able to write in accordance with their imaginations. The words may not flow in certain circumstances. If they encounter such situations scriptwriters should not get dispirited or lose hope but clutch to patience. It is appropriately said that patience is bitter but the fruit is sweet. It is endurance and talent that reflects in a script. Composure towards any work can create exceptional stuff.



Patience, self-motivation and potential to accept criticism are essentials for a script writer. During the making of projects, script writers may have to deal with directors and producers. They should have forbearance with their associates and learn to acclimatize with them. Geoffrey Chaucer said “Patience is a conquering virtue.” Writers may have to alter or re–write their scripts but they should not dampen their spirits but work on it with even-tempered. It is with tolerance and artistry that writers can impress their audience. Thus patience is a necessary ingredient for a script writer because…..

“A man who is a master of patience is a master of everything else”

George Savile



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