Namma Ooru Modern Family!

Following the footsteps of NETFLIX, Indian giants in the field of entertainment have come up with HOTSTAR. This is to captivate the modern generation of tv viewers who are more interested in finding everything they want in one place rather than having to keep looking for what they want on separate platforms.

Although HOTSTAR was successful in satisfying tv buffs with shows and movies to which they’ve acquired rights to, they lacked originality as everything they provided was either telecasted in their tv network or was available on the internet. It was about time they came with exclusives so that viewers had no choice but to watch it on HOTSTAR. They did come up with a few shows under the banner of HOTSTAR originals but the Tamil audience were disappointed not to find any show in their language.

Finally, HOTSTAR announced the release of an original show in Tamil and Telugu. The show is scripted and directed by Balaji Mohan. He secured his place in every teenager’s heart with his directorial debut feature film Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi. The title of the show was announced as AS I’M SUFFERING FROM KADHAL.

The trailer was released on YouTube in Balaji Mohan’s official YouTube channel on 3rd June. It created a fresh wave of excitement among youngsters and had an energetic ring to it.

Watch trailer here

HOTSTAR released the first season of the show on June 15th, 2017. The web series consists of 10 episodes in its first season, each episode having a runtime of about 20 min. The show had a positive effect on all youngsters but did not do well amongst the old schools. It is based on the lives of four couples, where each couple has a different take on love. This web series has a close similarity to the American Soap Opera, Modern Family which started airing in 2004 and is centred around diverse couples. Hence, the blog title.

The director who fancies screen space in his directorial has decided to take a major part in the on-screen crew in his first web series. The main speciality of this show is it that it is very practical and non-dramatic. The series includes the use of curse words, blend of English and Tamil which is exactly how the day to day conversations go about in urban households.

The show is centred around four types of couples

The angry ones

The live-ins

The happily to be married

Divorced, with a kid

Love is quite an amazing feeling but does it operate the same way for every couple? Balaji Mohan has ventured out yet another time in this genre and it has turned out to be a success.

The series starts off with the introduction of every couple and their take on love. The show is a beautiful blend of romance, humour and emotion. Every episode ends with a bit of suspense which makes it irresistible for the viewers to watch the next episode.

The plot deepens as the four couples happen to meet and all their problems take form into one big mess. How they face their problem and overcome it is the base plot. The finale has left the audience hanging as it unravels few fairly expected plot twists but what happens next is quite the puzzle and everyone who has watched the show is waiting for the second season to air.

Friendship. Love. Hatred. Secrets. Twists. Humour.  The whole show is based on these words.

No spoilers have been included and details regarding the actual show have been kept to a bare minimum to allow everyone enjoy the show to the fullest.


  1. Only 10 episodes – Tamil people are accustomed to watching serials that have more than 1000 episodes.
  2.  Predictable finale – Even though the first nine episodes kept the audience on the edge of their seats, the finale was quite predictable.

CAST: Balaji Mohan, Dhanya Balakrishna, Sunder Ramu, Sanjana, Nakshathra,  Abishek Joseph George, Sananth Reddy

Verdict: A fresh feel good web series for all teenagers which is brilliantly written by Balaji Mohan.

Rating : 3.5/5

Watch the web series here

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