Startups Today in India

Startups Today in India

Jobs and employment, the two spinning wheels of any economic stability. Whether it’s associated with a person or a fleet, it’s always a matter of great concern. Heyy, common we are in 2020 now. We have everything in abundance like illiteracy, lack of sanitation, bare transportation, and the superstar in itself, the overcrowding population. For […]

Student  entrepreneurs

How Entrepreneur’s Leverage Freelancers

Hi, Our shortfundly team conducts a webinar with guvi to help entrepreneurs to leverage freelancers by a school student. About Guvi: GUVI is a complete platform where people can share their learning through videos. GUVI helps students from rural background/novice/beginners who are struck with the complexity of the language of delivery and the hitches in getting started with a new technology zone. […]

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