Shortfundly Partner Program Beta

Good & interesting latest shortfilms are fundamental to making Shortfundly a great place for movie buff audience and for anyone who wants to better understand the shortfilms / independent film-making world. Today, we’re excited to share a new program that will help ensure that Shortfundly always offers the most interesting and latest shortfilms / indiefilms. The Shortfundly Partner Program will compensate participants for adding good shortfilms that many people in the world may have.

First, a participant will add new shortfilms to Shortfundly. Then, they’ll help ensure that their shortfilms generate good views and engagement (like voting and rating) for the benefit of future visitors to Shortfundly who come seeking interesting latest shortfilms. The most successful participants will add shortfilms that become popular because many people are also seeking interesting latest shortfilms to them, or because the shortfilms they generate OR share are especially helpful and useful to watch and engage or interesting. We ran an experiment similar to this program that resulted in great shortfilms reach for filmmakers and helpful shortfilms for movie buff audience. We will continue to explore ways to reward Shortfundly users for great contributions in adding shortfilms / indiefilms.

The Shortfundly Partner Program is currently in beta and we will slowly invite people to participate. To know more about this, please Contact us