“Filmmakers Community” by Shortfundly is a Quantum Leap for Film Makers.

Well, let’s make use of this opportunity and learn about a new platform that is set forth to build a film making community. Shortfundly has this amazing platform to make short films making a feasible to all those who have dreamt of making a film. The Filmmakers community is here to redeem all those who are unable to protrude in this competitive world. I would like to explain this section much easier to enable this platform to those who are searching for light on the other side of the tunnel. Well, it’s your piece of cake guys! Go through the benefits of Film making Community and enjoy the perks by being in the community.

 Filmmaker professional profile:

Get your unique filmmaker professional profile by just registering it for free. Predominantly It’s really hard to be recognized as a filmmaker among a society, which is almost sorted out here. You just have to register here and get your profile generated in seconds.

Bingo! you are a Film Maker now. It’s pretty cool, right? You do have a huge list of benefits in joining the community, down here.

 Funding for your film project:

Get funding for your film project through a Shortfundly crowdfunding campaign. Your project will be reviewed and will be set forth for crowdfunding. It’s actually very difficult to get a validation among the society, crowdfunding will be a breakthrough for this cliché. It’s just doesn’t help you by funding but also create recognition among society. Moreover, the short film will be promoted as well.

If you have a complete project and got stuck budgetary, you simply have to submit your project on Shortfundly by filling a form on our contact page. If your project gets approved, you get a Shortfundly consultant to help you prepare for crowdfunding.

Your idea will be reached to the public and you would also be able to know the response through funding, which may lead you to an ambitious film making world.

Shortfundly doesn’t want ideas to halt on account of the financial crisis. They will help you by using the small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance your project. So you will not be worried about the financial crisis in building up your dream Short film.

 Auditions update:

Life is everything about finding the correct opportunity to showcase your talent. Without opportunities, you would never found a player like MS Dhoni or Ganguly and great actors like Kamal Hassan. So Shortfundly is the place where opportunity meets talent. What’s better for auditioning for your fav role and getting cast along your favourite co-star.

Get auditions update in your hand once you have registered for this. Every update about the auditions will be notified to you through WhatsApp. The time date and venue will also be included to it. This wouldn’t be much easier to get updates about auditions. Auditions for artists will be announced and it would benefit both the filmmaker and the artist. The auditions are a huge bonus to every actor who is aspiring to become a star.

Upload your short film posters, teasers & film link then makes it viral through us:

Film posters, teasers are one of the great ways to promote your film to the audience. Teasers give the audience a taste and a flavor of your short films which often leads them to watch your film. Creative and eye-catching posters also draw audiences who aren’t into watching teasers to judge whether a short film is worth watching or not. So upload your film posters, teasers, and their links and we will make sure that it gets viral

You do not have to search for heaven Its right here!! You don’t have to wait for the doors to open. It’s already open!! If you don’t know how to enter what am I to do?

Kamal Haasan

 Reach millions of movie buff audience:

Who doesn’t own a smartphone these days, and most of them are very active in Social Media. Content posted on social media like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram become viral and reaches a large audience in instantly. Well if you are on twitter, there is a hashtag about cinema trending almost every day of the week. Shortfundly gets your short film a free promotion via Shortfundly social channels and helps you promote your film on all of its social platforms. A famous Tiktok person, with at least 1 lakh followers, speaks about your movie. Well, that puts an end to you all your doubts to an end and leave the worries of your promoting your film to us.

Send your films to film festival events for free:

Film makers are the best platform to showcase a filmmaker’s talent. It is the medal that most filmmakers cherish to have. Getting selected and screening your film in a film festival will open many opportunities for your film making career. Join our filmmaker and artist’s subscription to enjoy this perk along with many others. Opting for this helps you to send your film to the film festival for free.

Get your reviewed by Shortfundly team & take get help in a film screening in the theatre:

Shortfundly is also the perfect platform for promoting your short film. We promote short films in all possible ways. There is a separate group of skilled content writers to review your movie. The review is posted on the website blog so its general audience can read it watch your film. Reviews take short films to a new height and reach a large number through word of mouth. If the content of the short film is well received by the audience, Shortfundly also helps you with the screening of your film. What’s great than watching your creation screened.

There are more exciting features of short films and film making. Visit Shortfundly

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