Be The Face Of Shortfundly On Your Campus

Transform yourself in 60 days!

About the program

Shortfundly Student Partner (SSP) is a 60-day transformation work-from-college program aimed at building the leaders of tomorrow. Any college student from any degree, stream, and year of study can apply for this campus ambassador program.

What will you get?

  • Prestigious Certificate
  • Cash Incentives – When you convert leads into sales.
  • Develop Leadership Skills

What will you do as an SSP?

  • Promote Shortfundly internships among your peers.
  • Help your peers learn new skills via Shortfundly Training.
  • Conduct seminars to train your peers for getting an internship.
  • Represent us in your college photography contest, technical fest, and short film competition fest.

Q. What will I do as an Shortfundly Student Partner (SSP)?
A. As an SSP, your main role is to –

  • Promote Shortfundly short films & film festival events among your peers and assist them with promotion-related queries
  • Inform your peers about the latest cashback offers and help them learn new skills via Shortfundly Training.
  • Conduct seminars in college to train peers for getting an internship in shortfundly.
  • Represent Shortfundly in your college fest

Q. Who can apply?
A. Applications for SSP are open to college going students of all degrees, streams, and years. Any college student who is a marketing enthusiast, and who wants to experience the excitement of a growing startup, can apply for this program.

Q. What is the duration of the SSP program?
A. SSP is a virtual 60-day work from campus program.

Q. Do I have to pay anything for applying to SSP program or after getting selected?
A. No, you do not have to pay anything either for applying to the SSP program or after getting selected.

Q. How much cash incentive can I earn in the SSP program?
A. SSP is a performance-based incentive program. There is no limit to what you can earn in this program. Perform in various contests and earn huge rewards.

Q. Will I get a certificate which I can add on my resume?
A. Now you’re talking! Yes, you bet! On successfully completing the Shortfundly Student Partner program you will be rewarded with a completion certificate. Remember, pretty much every company in India knows Shortfundly as they regularly use it to hire interns. So, the Shortfundly brand would be recognized, wherever you apply in the future.

Q. How many hours a week I need to devote as an SSP?
A. We would ideally like you to spend about 5-9 hours a week. But then again, it completely depends on your availability. The more you work, the more you learn and earn πŸ™‚

Q. Do I have to travel anywhere for the SSP program?
A. No, there is no need for you to travel anywhere. The SSP program is a work from campus program. All the tasks and activities for the SSP program are required to be performed in your college campus or from home.

Q. Awesome, how do I apply?
A. Well, just sincerely register with us and contact us with your CV and wait for our team to evaluate your candidature.

Q. When will I get to know the result of my SSP application?
The results for SSP will be announced by shortfundly team via email. All the best πŸ™‚

Q. I have my vacations/ exams going on. Can I still apply?
A. Don’t worry, vacations/ exam breaks are completely fine by us. You will get a chance to participate in a pool of activities during the tenure of the SSP program, which you can perform in your college as well as from your home.

Q. Can there be multiple SSPs in a college?
A. Yes, there can be more than one SSP in a college. There is no limit to the number of SSPs in a college in SSP .

Q. I have filled the application form, what are the next steps?
A. Congratulations on successfully applying to the SSP program. You will be notified about the result via email. All the best!

Q. I have more questions about the program that have not been answered here – what do I do?
A. Email us your queries at We would be happy to assist you. Please note that the average response time for all SSP hiring-related queries is between 48 to 72 business hours.