Finding an audience for your film festival screening


Finding an audience for your film festival screening can be time consuming and expensive as well .By identifying your target audience, you’re able to zero in on the exact people you want to attend the event. They’ll also be the ones most likely to buy your tickets.It’s much better to identify your exact target audience so that you know who you’ll be promoting your event to.Here are some fabulous ideas to grow your audience 

  1. Look at your past attendees :

If you have organized any event or any festival before, check out the list and target your audience. Use your ticketing platform to help you dig into the data of your past event attendees.

  1. Ask colleagues in the event industry :

         Buy them a coffee and pick their brains about who their audience is, where to find them, and what kind of marketing they respond to. You should of course not ask someone in the process of arranging a similar event at the same time as you. Friendly competition is fine, but that’s stretching it a bit.

  1. Send a survey to your mailing list :

You can create a pre-event survey and ask them about their background, interests, and anything else you think might help you better identify your target audience. You should ask them what they expect from us. This will grow the audience.

  1. Create an attendee persona profile:

You can create a persona from the information you’ve collected from past attendees or competitor events. For example, if you know that roughly 70% of people attending events like your work in finance, then your buyer persona will work in finance. If you know that your kind of event is typically attended by men aged 30–50, then your buyer persona should be a 40-year old man working in finance.

  1. Look at your competition :

If you don’t have access to previous event attendee data—or you haven’t put on an event before—you can simply look at who is attending events similar to yours. Simply stalk them through their websites, what kind of content they use, how they promote their channels, the comments, and engagements they are receiving. Note down everything so carefully that you can simply take a glance through it and get a better idea of what kind of audience to promote your event to.

  1. Engage with local business :

Engaging with schools, colleges and universities also helped bring in a new crowd and ultimately increase your audience. Joining forces with other businesses and organizations is a great way to instantly access new customer bases.This crowd are brilliant at sharing the event with their own community, creating plenty of noise around the event.

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