What Do You See? – Review by Shortfundly.

The movie talks about one’s perception of different things. It’s not every day that we notice that many usual things in an unusual aspect. This movie is all about that.


The screenplay of the movie should be appreciated for what the director has perceived in his mind.


Developing a story lays a strong foundation for the screenplay of the movie. The director has done the same here. The screenplay of the movie is engaging from the start of the movie and keeps the audience guessing what is going to happen next. The screenplay of the movie is not like other the
screenplays of the other movies.

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It holds a special place. Shouldering the process of writing a story like this is not all easy. The efforts put in by the director can be seen clearly in every frame of the movie. For any movie, the story is the pillar that holds it up. The director has done just that.
The director’s vision towards a movie is very important for the success of the movie. S Harihara Devan has directed the movie very well. He has also shot and edited the movie.


The editing is very crisp to make the film engaging. This job also should be done right for a film to turn out well.


Surprisingly, the movie has no dialogues and is still engaging. Right from the first shot of capturing the rainfall beautifully to the end card, the film has pleasant news for us all.

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Cast and Crew:

The cast and crew have also done a good job of acting their roles perfectly.

Concept | Direction | Cinematography | Editing: S Harihara Devan

Cast: Sivasakthi Murugan | S Harihara Devan | Vasuki Murugan

Music: Youtube Creator Studio

Shot on: Nikon D5300

Edited in: Premiere Pro


The music of the film requires extra credits. Without any dialogues, it is the music that perfectly holds the film.

The movie is a must-watch for all the posties it has and also the message it has to convey to everyone.

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