The Man in the Box: Short Film Review By Shortfundly

Story line/ Concept:

The weird Schrodinger cat theory is explained in the short film. Many of us are still not clear about this concept in quantum chemistry. The theory implies,

“The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that after a while, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead. Yet, when one looks in the box, one sees the cat either alive or dead, not both alive and dead.”

Sounds weird right, but this short film explains to you the concept of things existing in two places simultaneously. Some call it bio locating, ok let’s not go deep into scientific terms, it’s just that if a person is locked in a room and after some time the probability of person inside the room is either being alive or dead, but not both.

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Fine let’s get to the cinematography of the film, the whole short film is taken solely inside a room following the guideless and adapting to the current lockdown situation. People nowadays are careless about COVID-19 not adapting self-isolation at home. The filmography done within the room is very inspiring even for other upcoming filmmakers to think differently.

The story describes a man who is isolating himself after having a travel history from Dubai. The rest of the film describes his daily routine activity in the room (commonly described as in the box in the short film) for the next 14 days.


The whole film has no dialogue but only music, there are many films that have inspired us only with its pictures and not its dialogue. Might be this is one among them. The picture itself speaks the movie with its amazing storyline and concept. Hence music plays an important role in this subject. From the clock ticking noise to the pause in between, the composer illustrates the mental health of the person held in quarantine.

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Speaking about direction, the whole concept of making a dialogue-free movie with a science theme is more than hard. The way the picturization is delivered to the audience is very engaging. Though some actions seem to be routine, the other simultaneous since covers the former. To sync the shot with the correct forms of music to the picture amid of this lockdown is definitely challenging.


It requires more effort and thoughtfulness to edit and set the film engaging to the audience. That too in monologues and dialogue-free movie, the attempt is solidly hard. The complete editing to the mood of the audience towards the man inside the room with no outside view of the environment is awesome.

Concept, Direction, Cinematography, Editing and Music: S.Harihara Devan

Cast: Sivasakthi Murugan and Vasuki Murugan

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