Photography – the art of life!

Photography is an amazing art which exhibits the personal and unique view of the photographer in the way of looking things in a new dimension. In other words it is also known as the science of the nature or the hidden emotions and feelings of us. The most important part of Photography is being creative and the ability of viewing anything in perspective that differs from others. Be creative also includes the selection of perfect spot perfect subject perfect time to capture and even perfect equipment. Choosing a better spot is much more important than anything. The location should be based on the subject you choose. The lights should suit the chosen subject. The backgrounds should explore the feelings you have and above all it should be linked with the chosen subject. Most of the professional photographers prefer to use the natural light setting to the artificial lights. After choosing the subject and the location, it is most important to know the way of handling the equipments. To make an image look more professional,the way of handling matters more than the quality of the equipments. The most important is to avoid *camera shake* during the moment of capturing. Using a monopod or a tripod wherever possible also gives a better image. Never forget to be proud and happy for the images you captured. Never be disappointed or frustrated in yourself. Never compare your images with other’s images, because your’s is the best for you, no matter what. Being a photographer is not an easy thing as it seems. But of course it is an enjoyable one. It is a platform where the people are free to make their own point of view the best.