Portrayal of women in movies

Recently there is a hike in the number of movies being released, and every movie hits the theatres. Some movies make sense and some dont. Some leave a social message and some are merely commercial. While there is a wide variety of movies, and a number of genres, lets have a look at how movies portray women.
Very few movies have women in their lead roles or at least give some importance to the women characters, but at most of the cases, movies always throw an ambiguous role towards women. Women are either a character that revolves around a man, and feel that their life doesnt make sense without men, or simply flaunt their beauty, for no reason.

The importance given to the beauty of women in movies, is highly disturbing, because they always expect a women who is of moderate height, sharp features, curvy hips, and of size zero. By portraying women in this type, they impose a stereotype into the society saying that only women, who carry all these features, would be respected and regarded.
Very few movies portray women as achievers. Even when movies portray women who achieve great things, they are also fair with all the beauty stereotypes. But that is not at all the case in reality. There is not a definition of beauty in women. Every woman is unique and special in her own way, and the talent that she carries is highly respectable. We should start appreciating movies that admire a woman for being a woman and do not impose stereotypes on her. Only when we do that, the portrayal of woman would be commendable in movies