Karwaan! To quote from the movie itself which literally defines the movie.

“Main Akela Hi Chala Tha Janib-E-Manzil
Log Aate Gaye Aur Karwaan Banta Gaya..”

This quote was scribbled over the van of Shaukat (Irfan)

Well to start with, I came across this melody during listening to one of the youtube playlist. I stopped whatever I was doing and quickly glanced through the blue screen and I saw the mesmerizing locations and the road trip kind of scenes.. and I knew it I need to explore more.. trailer.. then I decided I gotta watch this dude.. I am a sucker for this genre (Life, nature and road trip).

This Movie doesn’t have any Great Hero Elevations, twists, subplots etc but the Narrative Elements make it a Feel Good Movie.
The Cast is interesting and are very few. Dulquer Salman is a Natural and Compelling Actor. Mithila Palkar is Beautiful and tried hard to be a Sexy. Irfaan Khan is the Show Stealer and gave a Stellar Performance, his comedy timing and Urdu Dialect are something to be noticed. And then there is Amla Akkineni who is a Charming Mother. Kriti Kharbanda, Akash Khurana and the remaining cast all were good in their roles.
The Cinematography was Excellent and the Landscapes of Ooty , Cochin were Dramatic and Pleasing.
The Story is a Bit Different but the Screenplay was Organic and Interesting. Bejoy Nambiar did well in the Script Part.
Akarsh Khurana is a Debut Director and his taking is Flawless.
The Producers did well and didn’t have much to Invest on.
Overall it’s a Great and Light Hearted film and I suggest everyone to Go for it.