Dear Class of 2020 YouTube Originals

Dear Class of 2020 YouTube Originals

Introduction Today the star in itself is the event, Dear Class of 2020 YouTube Originals. The pandemic, COVID-19, brought huge troubles to the world. From the lockdown to the death rate, everything is getting worse. Although some countries have controlled it, many are still facing the dilemma. Among all the issues, one issue was quite, […]

Must watch album song for engineers day

A song dedicated all the Software Engineers. It is a satire on life of an engineer. Song Name – Software Engineer Anthem Watch and support Singer & Starring – Swaraj Sharma Lyrics – Swaraj Sharma Guitarist – Akshay Singh Sound Engineer – Ankit Kacchyap Executive Producer – Sangeeth Ram Mixed and Mastered at – Sound […]

Top 5 Happy engineers day posters

Tag your Engineer friend to help you out! While you’re at it, wish them a happy #EngineersDay. P.S. Engineers, this should be a 🍰 for you guys, right? If you wish to support engineers and developers efforts then signup and support shortfundly now.