How to do background music score for a movie?

Music is the language of hearts, and it has the amazing ability to mesmerise the listeners, with its amazing ability to attract the attention of the listeners. People always say that when language fails to communicate, this music comes in aid. So, the whole picture is that, we could enjoy the whole idea of music, […]

How to write an amazing script for a movie?

There are several types of writers and one among that vast variety is writers who write script for short films. Writing scripts for short films would be one of the most interesting things to do, if we have the right passion towards it. Though it is sure to be an interesting task, it isnt an […]

How to make a movie

Making a movie sounds like a dream. It involves a load of effort and loads of perseverance, and sometimes, people think that making a movie is a far reach to achieve at times. For it involves a lot of investment at many cases. Some people dont know where to start when they are making a […]


How to make an acting profile for Auditions?

How to make your Acting Profiles for Auditions? We all have been actors at some point. We were professionals at acting coy in front of our teachers when we didn’t do our homework. We were professionals at acting innocent in front of our parents after a mischievous act. We were professionals at acting cool in […]

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