Symbol of Wisdom

                Hello everyone,today morning after 5 PM alarm, felt dizzy ,since it is saturday mind is not ready to work but commitment gave a warning signal,while going through the calendar suddenly eyes stuck up on 8th of March .Yeah you guessed it right my mind thought about women ,their dedication ,work and so on .Suddenly  heart get sanked heart hearing a young child’s  named HASINI’s harrasment case.Teary eyes made me to think about selfdefense through my friend I get to know about a Short film “THE SELF DEFENCE.”

Here is the summary of what I inferred from  that  film,the film opens with all leading media publishing breaking news of women harrasment and all other sort of problems currently they are facing in the society, after a cut now we are in Bengaluru, a young woman walking in the road during a sunny day, for everyone’s note she dressed well,by that time some strangers man handled her,she got collapsed with a bruised face,another stranger came by her side and offered her help and tried his level best to console her and offered her help by saying that he will teach her how to protect herself ,this made change inside her and she felt confidence in her and took the self defence class seriously and excelled during training period.Another day ,same sunny day while walking beside the road another stranger’s group tried to assault her but this time she showed her SHAKTHI and also proved them what Women’s power.

This film created a impact on me and also influenced me because it  showcased women’s feeling in pinch perfect manner and I feel that on this month for Women everyone should watch this and they have to try their level best to protect their Countries’ ladies. Even after, this film let their wings flew even in night.To have this confidential ride check this link.