Shortfundly Product Update: Get points while sharing your short film

Shortfundly would like to introduce this scorecard to our registered users and it will be present in users profile pages.

Score mechanism for Short Film viewers:

  1. User Registration will get 500 points
  2. If user certify a Short Film get 30 points
  3. If user reports any videos as illegal or irrelevant, they get 30 points
  4. User gives feedback to that film gets 10 point. Here lots of feedback is there, like movie climax, team , visual effects, editing and so on . So, each feedback will get 10 point.

Here, we categorize in 2 ways

1. Basic Short film feedback – if user at least fill basic feedback they will get 30 points

What’s basic feedback?

a) How you rate this movie – rate it 1 to 10 – score 10 points

b) How’s the movie quality – rate it good or bad – score 10 points

c) how’s the story and screenplay- rate it 1 to 10 – score 10 points

2. Advanced Short film feedback 

  1. How’s short film climax
  2. How’s short film  sound effects
  3. How’s short film visuals
  4. How’s climax and all other feedback data are advanced feedback. Each will get 10 points

If this regular users reached 10,000 points they will claim with us through coupons. We will send coupons to their email and points get automatically deducted.

Score mechanism for Short film makers:

  • Whenever users shares new Short Film they will get 10 points
  • Once they will get 100 points , they will able to promote their films to 100 users in our Shortfundly network.

Score mechanism for Short Film festival event organizers:

  1. If user creates Short Film festival event and they will get 100 points to promote their festival events to our network.
  2. If our Short Film makers like their event, they will get more score ( like, each like they will get 30 points) .

Score mechanism for User invitations :

If user invite their friends and they accept it then invited user get 50 points.

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About Shortfundly

Shortfundly is an online media company that curates and shares the best short films and stories from india through our global multi-platform network. Our video and editorial platform enables a global audience to easily discover, watch and share unique stories from india anywhere on their desktop and mobile devices.

Our vision is to continually grow the community of short film audience to enable a wide and accessible market reach for short films and become the leading micro-cinema/shortfilm platform for india.

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