Modus operandi for funding Short films!

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat determination and hard work.” – Colin Powell

The biggest hindrance short film makers face when they want to build a film is the problem of finance. A film comprises of cast and crew, equipment, locations, animations etc. which entail money. Short film makers have to be streetwise and cost effective while making their film. Here are some easy steps overcome the financial difficulties.

#1 Systematic Evaluation


Short film makers should make a separate bank account for their film fund. They should be sagacious enough to use easily accessible resources. A structured estimation of the costs should be developed beforehand. An unorganized assessment could lead to over running of the costs which might disrupt the film-making. A felicitous amount should be chosen to support the short film.

#2 Presenting to Prospective Investors


Short film makers should make an efficacious film plan. They should popularize their project on social media and websites. They should make their information easily approachable to investors. Makers should take their interested financer thorough the journey of making of the film. Show them the craftsmanship, characters and artistry. Architects should present their capability of making a successful short film Constructive information should be included.

#3 Seeking from Private Grants

Manufacturers of short film should approach private investors. Various operating art groups could also be of great help. Private Investors are usually eager to invest in new and fascinating projects. A powerful presentation of a short film should definitely attract potential financers.

#4 Participating in Film maker Funding Competitions


Entering in such competitions can easily help raise funds.  Demonstration of a splendid short film will aid in fund raising.   Attention of professionals and investors attending the festival could be grasped through this opportunity. Therefore film makers should make sure never to miss such advantageous contests.

#5 Researching

Film makers should find the businesses who have invested in short films earlier. Such investors are always looking for better options and you could be the one. An impressive display of your short film could get you the required money. Revealing the systematic cost evaluation of your film will help gain trust of these investors. Builders of short film could also explore crowd funding projects.

Makers can even promote their film through short film platforms. Shortfundly is one of them.  Such platforms exhibit your entertaining films to a large audience. Small funds could be raised from the viewers who appreciate your film. Platforms like Shortfundly even market your film which can assist in fund raising .So register with Shortfundly on

Thus these are methods to raise funds for an Indian short film.

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