Looking For A Backend / Infrastructure Engineer

Looking For A Backend / Infrastructure Engineer

As Shortfundly’s Backend / Infrastructure Engineer, you will have the opportunity to design scalable support infrastructure for serving up Content as well as design Recommendations and Insights Engines that make sense of the wealth of User Behaviour Data to improve the User’s Experience as well as our own operations.

Backend Proficiencies
– PHP / Mysql DB / NOSQL (optional)
– Common Web Frameworks such as (but not limited to): PHP
– Shell script, writing cron job,  Sorenson conversion server process
– Running automation script
– Javascript(JS)
– Understand how to manage Amazon Web Services (AWS) products
– Monitor and automate systems deployment
– Familiar with the different Database technologies currently available and at the pros/cons of each
– Familiar with Web Application Security
– Familiar with Video Transcoding concepts
– Familiar to stop fraud traffic

Experience – 0 to 2 years

Qualification – Doesn’t matter

Perks of working at Shortfundly

– Watching video/ short films/ viral content is part of the job

– Interacting with filmmakers/ artists/ models is part of the job

– Discussing film stories/ brainstorming on scripts/ creating videos is part of the job


This role is part-time or full-time based on your availability.

If you are interested, please write to: support@shortfundly.com with your brief self introduction, name and contact number. Share your linkedin profile .

About Shortfundly

Shortfundly is an online media company that curates and shares the best short films and stories from india through our global multi-platform network. Our video and editorial platform enables a global audience to easily discover, watch and share unique stories from india anywhere on their desktop and mobile devices.

Our vision is to continually grow the community of short film audience to enable a wide and accessible market reach for short films and become the leading micro-cinema/shortfilm platform for india.

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