List of Film Schools and Institutes in Chennai

A majority of film production companies and media companies are hiring interns through the Chennai film schools . Are you looking for a Film School in Chennai to learn Film-making ethics? Get here all the information regarding the best-selected list of Chennai Film Schools to learn courses such as Filmmaking, Film Editing, cinematography, Acting and Sound Engineering.

 Chennai Film Schools


 Why choose Chennai Film Schools ?

The state of Tamil Nadu is one of the highest GDP offering states in India. The Tamil Film Industry (Based in Tamil Nadu) is the third largest Film Industry in India after Hindi and Telugu Film Industry. Approximately 200-250 films are releasing on every year in this industry. The growth of Tamil Film industry is noted 20-45% in the annual surveys conducted by the Ministry of Industries, Tamil Nadu. In such a situation, by studying in a film school in Chennai will give you more opportunities to enter into the Film Industry.

There might be merely three government-run film schools (one each in Pune, New Delhi and Chennai) in the country, but the increasing demand for film-making courses conducted by private players reveals how film-making is no longer the bastion of a few but is meant for anyone who has a passion for cinema. Among the privately-run film schools, the most popular are the Mind screen Film Institute, started by cinematographer Rajiv Menon, and the L.V. Prasad Film and TV Academy.

Running a quick online search for such academies in the city returns a long list to choose from. From part-time courses for hobby actors to six-month-long intensive course for serious ones, there’s something for everyone…

M.G.R Film and Television Training Institute, Chennai Tamil Nadu

M.G.R. Government Film and Television Institute is an advanced institute for Film Techniques and Aesthetics. The main objectives of the Institutes are to impart training in various aspects of Film Production, TV, and allied subjects and to award Diploma to successful candidates and to help appreciate the power of the medium of Film for entertainment and education and make use of them. The M.G.R. Government Film and Television Institute functions under the control of the Director of Information and Public Relations.

L.V Prasad Film and Television Institute, Vadapalani Chennai

L V Prasad Film and TV Academy offers training in film processing and post-production services. It is only of its kind that allows seeding and nurturing of fresh talent in the field of art and entertainment right in the precincts of film industry bubbling with activity all the 365 days.

Chennai Film School:

Chennai Film School is a well-known premier institution fully dedicated to quality of education in filmmaking and allied visual media. Their fast-track program fits people who have the passion for plunging into film making but don’t have the time to undergo a leisure course. They have structured the curriculum based on the needs of the industry and train them vigorously with the intricacies of the art not to get jobs but to impregnate their art in the history of media.

National Institute of Mass Communication:

It has been set up in 2003 in collaboration with the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication, Ontario, Canada by Educational Media Research Society, New Delhi (a society registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860). The objective is to impart quality training to students in mass media so that they efficiently utilize media technology in the best possible manner to keep pace with the fast-evolving communication industry. Guidance is provided by experienced faculty and professionals to help the students achieve success and fame in the industry. Rigorous and intensive workshops are conducted throughout the academic year to enrich the learning experience of the student in order to deal with the high expectations of the media world.

SRM Sivaji Ganesan Film Institute

SRM Sivaji Ganesan Film and Television Institute provide its students with an opportunity unlike any found in present day film institutes. A full-fledged degree program that trains students in-depth exposes them to the industry and stresses on practical application. The program opens up diverse, thrilling, and lucrative career opportunities for anyone interested in the field.


FilmCamp.TV Academy is based on the philosophy that teaching film-making must be done in the context of making films. Their intensive workshops focus on knowledge that will help the aspirants to essay roles more convincingly. With the advent of digital filmmaking, key aspects of film production and editing have been simplified by technology. Filmmakers can now be true and complete authors of their work. The academy is tailored to get you there.


Blue Ocean Film & Television Academy (BOFTA) is to teach and guide the students the craft of acting, screenplay writing and direction, digital cinematography, digital film editing and film production management. BOFTA is backed and managed by leading professionals with over 20 years of experience in the Film industry. The Academy offers a rare combination of legends and experts from the film industry joining hands to teach under one umbrella called BOFTA.


Mind screen Film Institute founded by Rajiv Menon started as a school for Cinematography and branched out to Screenplay Writing, Film-Making, and Direction. Rajiv Menon, known for his passion for teaching, has mentored award winning cinematographers and directors during their formative years.

Bridge Academy

Our Bridge Academy Film Institute in Chennai enables individuals with high-class Film Industry professional experience in their chosen Film Related course Such as Sound Engineering Course, Digital Film Making course, Video Or film Editing Course, Digital Animation Course, Photography Course and Web Designing Course. All faculties in Bridge Academy film Institute are highly Film educated and Film making experienced working in the Film industry with the ability to transfer Filmmaking knowledge in an effective way. Bridge Academy Film Institute follows 10% Of Filmmaking Theory and 90% Of practice in Filmmaking With live Project learning methodology enhancing learners to experience hands.


South India Film Institute (SIFI)

The prime motto is to deliver proper and in detail education about the various fields of filmmaking, to all the cadres of people who are aspiring to be a part of the ever developing cinema field. SIFI was the first Chennai Film schools and also the first private Film Institute in South India, to provide education in Film Direction, Acting, and Editing. SIFI is Government registered and ISO certified.

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