India’s No.1 short film filmmaker’s community platform

Here’s the experience lessons from India’s No.1 short film filmmaker’s community platform shortfundly founder

1.         One-line quote

“Believe in your team and execution, rest of them come to your startup life”

2.         About you

We are experts in Programmatic Media | Mobile | Video | Display | Connected TV | Ad Tech | Video streaming | Ad Platforms.

A proactive learner with an up-to-date insight of technical & business trends. Author of a book “Multi Screen video advertising”. Built custom ad design experience and got patent.

3.         what is the big idea behind your business?

We will be changing shortfilm filmmakers life via our platform business and help them to grow in their filmmaking career

4.         How does Shortfundly engage with the target audience?

We engage our audience via latest interesting short film in across mobile, smart TV ecosystem and web. Filmmakers feel the reach of right audience for their creative content. We give viewers seamless watching experience.

5.         What inspired you to start Shortfundly?

We have learned brand advertising techniques and worked on video streaming ecosystem. We willing to make shortfilm filmmakers as future celebrities via our professional platform shortfundly.

6.         Your advice to a budding entrepreneur?

Be patient and wait for success not to execute in your ideas. Every very small change take you to next level in your startup life.

7.         How are you planning to engage with the audience worldwide?

We give them latest interesting short film content in vernacular language via OTT players. By partner with content providers to deliver great experience to viewers

8.         What was the most difficult lesson you have learned?

Everyone in startup life having their own wisdom. How you believe in those and make it work your idea is a most difficult part of your startup life. Need to learn it and stay committed your idea.

9.         What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

I grew up in the consumer internet market, our mentors insist, we focus & consider on enterprise business model also. It opens up new opportunities in my startup life.

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