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  • The New Era of Women Empowerment
    Women Empowerment is a huge topic in itself. In brief, women empowerment refers tothe practice of empowering females and their status in society.Women have faced tough situations in the past. Either take the voting rights or thepathetic social trends, women have sacrificed everywhere. I mean there is this huge list oftroubles faced by women. The […]
  • Indian Air force’s Newest Edition: Rafale
    Introduction Today’s topic is something special and furious, Indian Air force’s Newest Edition: Rafale. When this beautiful world came into existence, it was all so peaceful and calm. But as it is said,” Good things don’t last long”. The statement is so true for human beings too. As time passed by, the devil in us […]
  • Sorry Aadhya – Latest Telugu short film review & rating – 4.4/5
    Storyline: Anger and regret are far more connected than we think they are. We often tend to take wrong decisions in anger and regretting it later doesn’t make it any better. Sorry aadhya is a failed love story of aravind and aadhya leaving them regretting their breakup and their desire to apologize for it . […]
  • Maatram – Tamil Short Film review & rating 3.9/5
    Overview:  Heraclitus’ quote “The only constant in life is change” fits into almost everyone’s life. Taking up ‘change’ as a storyline, a wide range of topics are available to deliver it as change is a part of every event of our lives. The short film ‘Maatram’ deals with change through love life. Revolving around Dev […]
  • Five Healthy Breakfast Ideas
    The topic for today is super-helpful five healthy breakfast ideas you must add to your breakfast table. Life has become busy and so are we. No one has got enough time to do random stuff. However, this statement is also true for our daily morning routine. As you say “Bhaag daud bhari zindagi, thakna mana […]