Must Watch – Republic Day Special Patriotic Song from Soundideaz Academy

On the account of our India Nation’s 71st Republic Day, Soundideaz Academy presents you and their student’s Love and Pride for the Nation in the form of a Music Video.

Watch #republic day special album. Hope you will like it this #patriotic #song 


An initiative by the Students of Soundideaz Academy.

Singer – Nilavra Roy

Backing Vocals – Varun Chaturvedi, Shubhankar Haldar, Dhananjay Shenoy, Mrudula Patil

Keyboard – Pathik Desai

Acoustic Guitar – Nishit Kapoor

Programming – Akshay Patil, Pathik Desai

Additional Programming – Amrut Mahajan, Harshad Sathe

Recording Engineer – Dhananjay Shenoy, Aishwarya Pimpale

Student Volunteer – Kseniia Vengsar, Shriyank Tiwari, Soumitra Ghate, Gauresh Barve

Editor –  Tapos Ghosh

Director & Cinematographer – Riya Chandorkar

Mixing & Mastering – Harshad Sathe

Mentor – Anshuman Choudhary

Coordinator – Mukul Chandorkar

Republic Day Special Patriotic Song from Soundideaz Academy

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