Bimbangal Pollachi Issues – A Mystery Thriller Tamil Short Film Review by Arjun Studio & Shortfundly

Watch this Short-film in shortfundly – Before you watch this shortfilm , Let’s watch this film review by shortfundly team Follow this film director on shortfundly and get connected – If you want to review your shortfilm, then buy this shortfilm review + promotion package from shortfundly online store Share this “Bimbangal […]

AmbedkarJayanti Posters

We are proud & Nation remembers Dr #BRAmbedkar champion of social justice & architect of Indian constitution on his birth anniversary #AmbedkarJayanti 

April Month Auditions List in India

Casting Call : Pilot Movie We are looking for a Male artist with below requirements. Cop Role : 4 Nos Age : 25 to 35 Body Tone : well built or Medium Skill Required : Experience must and stunt knowledge Added Advantage. Villain Role : 1 Nos Age : Above 30 Skill Required: Experience Must […]

Quick Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Hey, it’s possible through Google’s One Tap Sign In Google recently revealed new secure, frictionless, easy to implement sign up and sign in experience by revealing “googleyolo” API in Google IO 2k18. Why Implement Google One Tap? Here are some of the success stories of the early adopters of one-tap sign-up and automatic sign-in. This […]

Top Film-making tools for short-films

Hey, in my understanding. Are we still depend on hardware and software for making shortfilm. i don’t think so. Put all your video work on cloud storage medium. Ther’s no dependancy in hardware and software. All you need to know about the tools used for filmmaking. For example, photo editing tool OR shortfilm poster editing […]

Short Film Premium (SP) – New

Empowering Short-film Film Making Together Shortfundly Premium (SP) is a monthly experience membership plan for fans to support quality storytelling through Shortfundly short-film dedicated original channels Get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Shortfundly short-film dedicated original channels Forge a closer relationship with the community at Shortfundly Own limited edition merchandise related to film-making and crew Be […]

Short-film Chrome Extension

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Affiliate Program

We want to involve you in the process of bringing our short-films to a bigger audience. Promote High-End short-films We promote latest interesting short-films and film festival events that help people to discover and engage in day to day life. Filmmakers audience heavily looking for recognition via film festival events . Our short-films are loved […]

Invite Friends Earn Unlimited PAYTM Cash

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