Flashscribe & Shortfundly – Platform Integration

Flashscribe is pleased to announce a strategic integration with Shortfundly, an online video platform bringing the best collection of Indian short films for short film lovers around the globe to search and save their favorite short films. Tagged as the LinkedIn for Short Films, Shortfundly aims to link every short filmmaker in the world by […]

Yennai vittu pogathey - Tamil Shortfilm review and rating Posters -2020
Preparing for Short film Release Day

Release Guide: Preparing for Short film Release Day

Our tools are here to help you attract the biggest possible audience to your new and existing short films. When you’ve put your heart and soul into creating a short film or web series, the next step is maximize its release potential. A lot of this comes down to smart preparation, planning and knowing exactly […]


Call him Eddy – [Short film review & Rating – 4/5]

Storyline: “Call him Eddy” has something unique and strange to tell – the story of a professional cuddler ‘Edith d souza’. We need someone by our side either parents or friends or someone we trust to share our thoughts , spend time with and feel loved and this short film conveys the importance of it […]


Plus Minus -[Short Film review & rating – 4.5/5]

Storyline: We usually don’t remember every journey. Almost everyone of us will have a journey to remember and a friend close to our heart from the journey. This short film ‘Plus Minus’ too is the life changing journey of Mrs.Jeet. This short film has taken the initiative to tell the world the story of a […]

1930-Depression-Short Film review & rating

1930 – The Great Depression [Short Film – Review & rating – 4.3/5]

Storyline: The great depression was a severe worldwide economic depression that began in the United states took place from 1929 to late 1930’s. During this depression many people suffered from unemployment and hunger.The short film 1930 has taken up the great depression as its storyline. This short film almost abides by “Pearl S. Buck’s” quote […]

WAKE UP - Tamil-Short Film review & rating

WAKE UP – Tamil [Short Film review & rating] – 3.8/5

Storyline: A horror movie’s success lies in scaring its audience. With an increase in the number and variety of horror films in recent days and it becomes more challenging to deliver a good horror film with an impressive storyline.  We have heard of quotes like “When we are asleep in this world, we are awake […]

the new era of women empowerment

The New Era of Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is a huge topic in itself. In brief, women empowerment refers tothe practice of empowering females and their status in society.Women have faced tough situations in the past. Either related to voting rights or thepathetic social trends, women have sacrificed everywhere. I mean there is this huge list oftroubles faced by women. The […]

Indian Air Force's Newest Edition: Rafale

Indian Air force’s Newest Edition: Rafale

Introduction Today’s topic is something special and furious, Indian Air force’s Newest Edition: Rafale. When this beautiful world came into existence, it was all so peaceful and calm. But as it is said,” Good things don’t last long”. The statement is so true for human beings too. As time passed by, the devil in us […]


Maatram – Tamil Short Film review & rating 3.9/5

Overview:  Heraclitus’ quote “The only constant in life is change” fits into almost everyone’s life. Taking up ‘change’ as a storyline, a wide range of topics are available to deliver it as change is a part of every event of our lives. The short film ‘Maatram’ deals with change through love life. Revolving around Dev […]

Five Healthy Breakfast Ideas

The topic for today is super-helpful five healthy breakfast ideas you must add to your breakfast table. Life has become busy and so are we. No one has got enough time to do random stuff. However, this statement is also true for our daily morning routine. As you say “Bhaag daud bhari zindagi, thakna mana […]

Dear Class of 2020 YouTube Originals

Dear Class of 2020 YouTube Originals

Introduction Today the star in itself is the event, Dear Class of 2020 YouTube Originals. The pandemic, COVID-19, brought huge troubles to the world. From the lockdown to the death rate, everything is getting worse. Although some countries have controlled it, many are still facing the dilemma. Among all the issues, one issue was quite, […]

India's Obsession with Grades

India’s Obsession with Grades

Grades and Success Introduction India’s obsession for grades or India’s belief for marks, what should I say. Indians and Grades are like soul mates. They’re like lock and key, made for each other. Yeah, this is happening in India for decades. Indians have this huge obsession with marks and grades. People believe if you want […]


Life-Saving DIY Hacks To Try Right Now

For the past few years, the craze for DIY is booming. The numbers are crazy right! There are several simple and easy, life-saving DIY hacks. Since the lockdown has started, there is nothing interesting left to do. I mean people say make your time productive, do this and that but I know even the nerdiest […]