Picture tricks that you might not know

Clicking pictures is the best thing to do, if you have the right passion towards it. Here are a few tricks that would help you excel in shots.

You can change directions and angles in panoramic shots
Do you know that you could change the direction of panoramic shots by simply tapping the arrow? You could also take vertical panoramic shots by rotating your smartphone vertically and instead of panning horizontally, pan vertically from low to high or high to low.

You can get the perfect jump shot using burst mode and faster shutter speeds
Certain moments cannot be captured with the right precision, and in those cases, options like burst mode and faster shutter speed comes in aid. Freezing the right moment would be made possible.

You can get the perfect sunrise and sunset photos
Let me introduce you to the app called ‘The photographers Ephemeris’ app, which is a map centric sun and moon calculator, which will help you see the lights radiation on the land, day and night, for any location on the earth. This will help you click the perfect sunrise and sunset shots.

Golden hour of photography
The golden hour of photography is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day, and this is when you would get the desired soft light, which would make your picture look bright and beautiful.