1. Using hashtags on social platforms :

Whenever you mention your event, make a habit of including the event hashtag. This goes for your social media posts but also other marketing channels and any printed material. Reinforcing the hashtag helps anchor your event and lets it stay on top of people’s minds.Mobilize your event participants (like speakers and performers); make sure they know the event hashtag and suggest that they use it when talking about the event. That’ll help you also reach their audience base.

  1. Make your tickets easy to buy :

The top way to make your film festival viral can be taking care of very basic things into consideration which is buying tickets .You can reach to third party for the same like Billetto, you should consider keeping all of your events under the same profile which  gives people a super quick overview of all your upcoming events , your own websites or blog which is a great way to give some exposure to all events you’re organising , social media channels .

  1. Sell Special tickets :

Instead of going for the traditional way of selling tickets you can rather think of selling special tickets . Like for example group tickets which may provide some additional perks or discounts , early bird tickets which  is a discounted ticket that rewards people for acting fast and people who buy your “Early bird” tickets get to save money, Vip tickets , ticket bundles which may provide you with free food or free coffee and so on.Be creative. Special tickets can do wonders for your event promotion, so don’t neglect them.

  1. Go where your audience is :

In the era of social media we tend to forget the power of offline marketing so what you can do is join the ongoing conversations on the web and mention your event where it makes sense.Meeting people and growing your network , printing in newspapers or billboards  can bring a much bigger audience to your event.

  1. Activate your attendees :

Your attendees are the one who can bring a huge crowd as well . Encourage them to promote the event to their friends and to actively use your hashtag whenever they talk about it. Maybe you feel generous enough to offer them some drink vouchers or other perks. If you show your guests that you appreciate them, you’ll often find that they’re more than willing to return the favour.But don’t stop at your guests. Your performers and speakers have a vested interest in promoting the event. You can involve them in your promotion efforts and record teaser videos or photos announcing their performance.

  1. Write press releases :

          Press releases are one of the easiest ways to engage journalists and get your news story published.If you’re a business owner or PR rep looking to spread information about your brand, press releases are the way to go!press releases will help you reach far more .Check out our guide on press releases by film industry networks  for a more in-depth study but the bottom line is, if you’re selling too hard, your release is going to come across as an advertisement.

  1. Up your email marketing game :

Mailing power should never be underestimated . If you already have a list of attendees from a previous event, email is the perfect way to update them on your upcoming one. If not, start building one right away. Simply add a way for people to sign up to your email updates on your event page or site. They’ll be able to receive the latest announcements about the event and you’ll get a direct line of communication to your guests.

  1. Give your audience a voice :

     “When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place. So, what we view our role as, is giving people that power” says Mark Zuckerberg. Let your audience express their feelings and ultimately that will lead to viral event promotion . Give them a place at your festival to speak their mind. Let audiences and filmmakers share a forum where their opinions can reach the wider world. 

  1. Crowdsource your marketing material :

Crowdsourcing basically means a sourcing model in which individuals or organizations obtain goods and services, including ideas, voting, from a large, relatively open and often rapidly-evolving group of participants. Your event attendees can be a goldmine of great marketing material.If you’ve already organised similar events and have an existing customer base, ask past attendees to post pictures or videos of the event and ask them to include hashtags . If you are new then don’t panic ! You can instead run a competition where potential guests get to submit pictures and videos on a topic connected to your event and tag them with your event hashtag. Winners can get free tickets or some other freebies.

  1. Run giveaways and competitions :

Kick off regular competitions and giveaways across all your key marketing channels. Whenever you engage your guests there’s a chance your event gets exposed to their friends and helps you reach new audiences. Your tactics will depend on the channel.  Here are a few things you can do:Competitions that ask people to comment on a post,“Vote for your favourite [option]” contest,Caption this photo” contest.