Is going to film school necessary?

There are pros and cons for everything: buying a house, changing careers, rocking a mullet ironically (because eventually you’re gonna kinda like it). This also applies to going to film school. So what are they? What should you know about film school before deciding on whether to take the plunge or not? Watch this video! […]



STORY ADVENTURE HUMOR ACTION SUSPENSE STORY:  It plays a vital role in films. without a story a film is nothing ADVENTURE: It is main genre in a film HUMOR:Comedy is a genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humor. ACTION:Action is a genre of film in which the important emphasis is on the film. […]

Bus mei Babaall – A Hindi Short film Review

Bus mei Babaal is a Hindi short film directed by Mr.Pratik Shetty. This educative short film has 84 views in its account. The short film is about the recent intolerance statement given by a popular Bollywood celebrity. The film is directed towards the common man educating him not to make a mountain of a molehill […]

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