In recent years K-pop has taken over the world and that’s not an exaggeration! Their music videos garner a lot of views their concert tickets sell out in a matter of minutes! So here’s our list of points on why K-pop is so popular…


Now K-pop stars don’t come to play when it comes to style. Their style is unique and totally stan worthy! Men too are extremely fashionable! And people like when stars put in some effort ( not like JB who does all his concerts in a t-shirt and shorts..)

K-pop stars have become major fashion influencers and they don’t disappoint.


Now when you go to a concert, you expect to have a good time and while singing has to be up to the mark it can get a little dull sometimes (unless it’s Beyonce), but you can be sure that K-pop won’t disappoint! From excellent vocals to amazing choreography K-pop concerts have it all!

Even their video clips from concerts look awesome!


 K-pop stars can move. Fluid clean movements that land precisely on the beat😱. Well, K-pop training agencies start training potential stars from their teenage years and then make their debut when they are ready. They have the experience and training that gives them a certain edge…

We stan!🙌

  •  LOOKS

          It doesn’t hurt to look good and k-pop has a tough standard and not everyone makes the cut. Certain features are more appreciated and liked. (My ugly self can’t relate)..

K-pop stars have extreme skin routines and exercises to keep them camera ready. With the hectic and busy lifestyle, they have it must be really tough! (Whereas my lazy self lays on the bed all day..😅)


K-pop is well known for its music videos and why wouldn’t it be? Killer cinematography, multiple sets, amazing outfits, great choreography. They are crazy outwardly, aesthetically pleasing! They have a huge budget for their music videos and we appreciate it. It definitely pays off as the views are (😱😱😱😱).


Now this all wouldn’t matter if their music wasn’t good! Their songs are chart-toppers and are really catchy! Sick beats with great vocals would make anyone’s day!

Thank you guys for reading! We hope you are doing well! Tell us about your favorite k-pop group on our social media. With love the shortfundly team.