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Early stage tech startup? Three ways you can leverage CIE@IIIT.

Early stage tech startup? Three ways you can leverage CIE@IIIT. 1. Just starting? Seeding at Launchpad. Seeding stage bootcamps based incubation program. 5 lacs seed fund. (Apply:  https://cie.iiit.ac.in/seeding.html ) 2. MVP? Ready for first customer? Avishkar- India’s first deeptech acceleration program. Biz, market and tech enablement. Access to research labs/faculty.  Upto 25 lacs seed fund.  […]

Find your angels through Shortfundly!

Got a short film and searching for funds? Shortfundly is the right place for you. Gather crowd-fund with this startup’s help. Turn your passion into your career. Film festivals attract film industry representatives who are looking for the next phenomenal film director, writer, cinematographer or actor. Submit short films to film festivals through Shortfundly and […]

Student internship program in 2017 by shortfundly
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Nash equilibrium business strategy – Startup lesson

What is Nash equilibrium? By definition, (in economics and game theory) a stable state of a system involving the interaction of different participants, in which no participant can gain by a unilateral change of strategy if the strategies of the others remain unchanged. How a startup having physical store and run how to run it along […]

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