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Making small budget shortfilm

Things I learned while making small budget Shortfilm

Making Small Budget Shortfilm Making small budget shortfilm with the availability of today’s technology has become a relatively simple attempt for us.  Assuming that you own a prosper computer, a digital camcorder and some kind of editing software, you are basically ready to go.  Add some decent actors, a simple script and you’re a filmmaker! […]

7 Tips – When should raise funds for short film project

These may be “N” number of things we need to think while making a short film. Forming right team with right skill set. Even more critical element is raising funds for new short film project. Here’s some the tips you can follow and raise funds as quickly as possible. 1. The pitch deck Keep the pitch […]

Watch Over 15000+ Short Films for Free Only On Shortfundly

You can findall different collection of Shortfilms in different Indian Languages at one central place – Shortfundly There are few popular Networks which are creating amazing Short Films in their youtube channel. Some of the Popular Networks are Khelpedia Silly Monks Tollywood iQlik Runway Reel Indie Films Channel Humara Movie E3 Short Films YuppTV Network and much more coming […]

online short film promotion free

Qualities that makes a filmmaker better than they are!

   Film making is never been an easy task. It takes a whole lot of effort and perspective. Anyone with an idea and resources can make a short film, but what makes that short film stand out. Some people have a natural flare of narrating as well as putting that narration down to action. Some […]

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