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Simple tips for shooting outdoors :indie filmmaking

You’d think that filming outdoors would be a pretty simple thing to pull off. However, all of the same concerns you have on a controlled set will pop up when you’re working outdoors, and chief among those concerns is lighting. And, as we should all know by now — visual storytelling is all about lighting. So, if […]

Make a hit with your no budget film!

Use as little money to make your film as humanly possible. This mandate challenges artists to work with only the resources and tools available and make the most of them… without starving their crews. Tip 1: Make “Low-Budget” “Slow-Budget” “My favorite thing to do on a low-budget project is to take it slow. As budgets […]

Independent shortfilmmaking : what directors want you to be?

what casting directors really want you to know? The real deal, the down and dirty—as long as they could stay anonymous.  the list you’re about to read, hoping it would be useful! 1. Be completely off-book when you attend a callback. You embarrass us in front of our clients when you show up and still do not […]

2018 FIFA! Now in RUSSIA!

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is the 21st FIFA World Cup, a quadrennial international football tournament contested by the men’s national teams of the member associations of FIFA. It is currently ongoing in Russia starting from 14 June and will end with the final match on 15 July 2018. The country was awarded the hosting rights on 2 December 2010. This is the first World Cup to […]

Is going to film school necessary?

There are pros and cons for everything: buying a house, changing careers, rocking a mullet ironically (because eventually you’re gonna kinda like it). This also applies to going to film school. So what are they? What should you know about film school before deciding on whether to take the plunge or not? Watch this video! […]